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    Question SL650 requires choke "pumping" for lift off, runs great after. Anyone????

    I have a 1994 SL650 that seems to run pretty dang good considering the previous owner. Anyway, it idles just fine while in and out of the water. When out of the water you can give the engine a quick rev up and there is no problem. However, once it's actually IN the water and idling, as soon as you give it some throttle it immediately boggs and will sometimes die after bogging out.


    Somehow, by accident, I found that by pulling the choke button up and down very quickly (about 4 times) as if to "PUMP" the choke, while at the same time holding down the start button (with 1 hand btw) AND pushing the throttle lever with the other hand, it would take off like a bat out of hell on water and run perfectly fine.

    I searched around and have found nothing on this. It seams like a primer style thing but I don't know. Any help would be totally appreciated.


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    I'm sure others will chime in but, it usually is lack of fuel caused by low fuel delivery and or the internal filters in the carbs are clogged clogged fuel lines, old fuel lines stc..

    OR just bad adjustments on the carbs. Open up each low adjuster just a smidge like 1/32 turn ccw( the one with the t type thing on it) ADJUST AS NECESSARY.

    My suggestion switch to a 3 output Mikuni fuel pump and rebuild the carbs.(since you say ski is running OK Make sure that you record the number of turns that each adjust hi/low speed adjuster is set at and return to that exact spot to reduce re-adjustment when in the water, when finished..

    But ! before you do this I would verify Compression on all 3 cylinders, should be 120 or so.

    If running lean... you will burn a hole in one of the pistons usually the front one.

    Service manual is avail here as well as "search" for pics and etc.

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