I still have:

1. Riva Rear Air Intake w/ 4inch adapter - $200 or $150 with some sort of replacement for my ski (trade).

2. XS IC with plumping and strainer - $250 plus your stock IC

3. Riva Adjustable Nozzle (all rings and wedge) $200 plus your stock nozzle.
New Nozzle is $350 plus the wedge so this price is GOOD!

Or, trade me your stock parts and a V-1 and take all of them for no charge (all parts w/ trades add to $600.) V-1 is only $400 new.

Or, if you have a Valentine-1 and only want 1 or 2 parts make me some kind of offer.

I REALLY want a V-1 and can't justify buying one while I still have these parts for sale. Help me stop getting tickets

Thanks in advance guys!!

Fastest way to reach me is to email me @ sejamian@comcast.net