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    Piston question?

    I broke a piston in my 2002 xlt 1200. I looked on a Yamaha website and they have 4 different pistons. They also say different colors(Red, Orange, Green, Purple) They all say (std). I assume they mean standard. So why 4 different numbers? They are different prices too. What is the difference? Thanks

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    Forgot to ask, can you reuse the gaskets? They are steel and seem to be re-usable. Thanks


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    I'm assuming the different Colors represent bore over sizes...
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    79.90A - RED
    70.91B - ORANGE
    79.92C - GREEN
    79.93D - PURPLE

    these are all standard sizes for XL LTD (66V) engines depending on the factory bore / nikasil sizing.

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    Thanks. How do you know which one you have? Should I just go with (A) to be on the safe side? The rings are standard. Thanks again.


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    Each cyl. is stamped on top.

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    Cylinder size
    indication a Piston color mark
    0 ~ 5 Red
    6 ~ 10 Orange
    11 ~ 15 Green
    16 ~ 18 Purple

    Thanks everyone. I found this. They are stamped with a number.

    Should I just order new gaskets or just reuse the old ones?

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    Popular wisdom states that if the black coating is still on the gasket, apply at thin coat of grease and reuse. Of course you will also get the guys that say they replace them every time they take them off. It is a personal preference... However, for me with 3 skis.... I reuse!!!

    Good Luck

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