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    What mods give you the best bang for the buck?

    Consider all the mods you have done to your RXP/RXT and then post the top 2 mods that you feel have done the most for you and why!

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    Riva Grate
    Ride Plate trued/plugged/squared.
    Cheap A$$,custom built, home brew cold air intake.
    Vortech supercharger upgrade.
    Exhaust mods coming...........
    I finally got my compartment cover and my GPS

    There is what I have so far.............
    from a PURE satisfaction standpoint,the OPAS blockoffs are my favorite so far. I HATE those things

    Most Bang for the Buck..........the ride plate work and my cold air system,kicks butt........I only have pennies in each mod!!

    The Riva grate I am on the fence about. I should have just installed it on one of my boats, then I could have done a side by side comparison,with and without the grate.
    I am certain it helped the hookup in chop,but I think it may have cost a bit on the top end speed,and, I am a devoted speed freak

    The Vortech upgrade,I will let you know this weekend how I like it

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    Intake grate and impeller would be the first two. As you get deeper the open air intake, SC impeller, then exhaust. Then it all depends on you and your ski.

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    Bang for the buck... ride plate

    Buck for the bang... Mustang ranch (when it was open)


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    ECU...then Head porting...Marks stage 1 took me fro 60.8 mph to close to 65.5 mph...Stage 2 took me from 65.5- 69.0 sometimes 70...Stage 2.5...Took me from 69.0 somtimes 70-to a constant 71-72.5 mph...

    ECU also improves fuel economy slightly

    Having a fun summer so far Phil???
    Call me sometime I want to hear more about your conquests... I have a few funny ones to tell you as well..

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