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    Wave Jumping/Skier Towing ?

    I have a 2007 RXT with 66 hours on it and still hits 70 no problem.I have never purposely jumped waves with it or towed a skier.How much wear does wave jumping for lets say 20 minutes once a week do on the engine?Also, I took my girlfriend skiing and she only weighs 110 and only holds on for the ride no intense stuff.Does pulling her up to start off wear it down too?Lemme know your input guys, thanks!!

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    i have a 2006 with 134 hours on my ski with probably 30 or more just from hard wave jumping... youre just reving your engine so i dont think it will matter to your engine just your wallet on gas being used. towing your bitty shouldnt be a problem since shes little... i weigh 200 and it takes a few seconds to get me up and going on a wakeboard but as long as long as youre not reving it high and not going anywhere you shouldnt have problems

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    To the best of my knowledge, wave jumping can be very hard on your SCer clutch.

    Just make sure you stay on top of your scheduled rebuilds of the SCer and general maint. of the whole ski.

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    I have 260 hours on my 04' RXP.

    Reasonable wave jumping is ok, but do not launch it like those pictures you see on the cover of "Jet-ski" magazine.

    Also, when you are leaving the wave, let off the gas completely, there is no point or advantage in leaving the throttle pinned as you will hit the limiter and it is tough on your washers in the SC.

    AS far as pulling skiers, I have pulled two barefoot skiers many times, pulled multiple tubes to the point where I had to start off by going in a circle to get enough speed to yank the tubers out of the water and get enough speed to keep planing.

    Not an issue unless you cavitate. Dont think that by applying more throttle while cavitating it will do any good. Actually it is just the opposite, dont do it unless you want to replace a severely pitted prop and/or wear ring.

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    Look at it this way, every revolution that your engine makes is one revolution closer to it dying. Make it happy, take your ski out jumping and towing. That way, when it dies, it departed knowing that it did its' best to make you happy. Seriously, stay off the rev limiter while in the air, take a break occasionally to cool it down, keep your washers properly adjusted, change the oil and learn how to jump properly. I was jumping 4-5 footers yesterday at Cedar Point and had a blast. My ski was very happy...

    As far as towing, I just burned up a wear ring trying to tow a "Big Mabel" with two kids, that made my ski unhappy with me.

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    Big Mable, that thing is the best. I have pulled it but would not do it again. As far as skiers my rxt 215 loves to pull my brothers... Have fun and stay on the oil changes. I change my oil every 20 hours, filter 40 hrs.

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    151hrs on my T-x and jumping is all its done without to many probs i smashed the dash from doing 180s and nose stabing, and the prop bending back towards the front of the ski from landing on its arse..oh and i broke the top seat bridge.....

    pics tell a 1000 words..

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    ^^^Always wanted to do that, Pooche! But don't live near a beach with big waves Also, when you're wave hopping, if you can!! just try not to hold in the throttle while in the air and it won't rev so high. Other then that, you should be fine unless you land on the ski wrong and damage a jet ski part like Pooche has done a few times....or your face

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    Spent half of the 127 hrs on my last rxp jumping get off the gas in the air. I gave the stand ups a run for their money at the lake of the ozarks. With no problems. Have fun ride smart

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