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    skat drive seals

    anyone had issues with them.mine is brand new and leeks like a siv. very upset

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    Quote Originally Posted by hydrojunkie View Post
    anyone had issues with them.mine is brand new and leeks like a siv. very upset
    I heard of a few issues but most due to installing without a good cut driveshaft

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    No probs here after 10 hours of bashing and thrashing... also I've checked for any movements / alarms...none.

    Make sure and use the right grease per SKAT.

    I just took my drive shaft out after those 10 hours and no grooves at all...

    Both my drive shafts were in great condition prior to install.

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    I have had zero issues with mine. I didn't machine the shaft either. But I only ride fresh water so it had zero corrosion. I could probably pass it off for a brand new driveshaft if I sold it. I use Penzoil marine grease on the bearing after EVERY ride. I have zero cavitation out of the hole. In my opinion its a great product and I would definitely install it on another ski if I had one.

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