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    WSM vs. OEM wear-ring?

    I wanted to replace the wear ring in my 03' SC. Does anyone have any input on the quality of the WSM wear-ring? or should I just get the oem?


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    I'm going to put a WSM ring in mine to try it out......I'll let you know how it and the 3 blade get along......I put a couple in customers skis that purchased the rings themselves....there was to different styles with same part was almost translucent white plastic that looked and felt CHEAP then a Yellow one that feels like better quality.......I hope the Yellow one is the new one

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    Yeah, please let me know how it goes. thanks

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    I'll do you one better.........I'll go check the ones I've already put in.......I'm putting the WSM pump bearing rebuild kit and wear ring in my pump just because I like to find out quality of stuff first hand......I should have answers by Friday

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    Do not use WSM wear rings holy chit I had a hell of a night.
    I went to a customers house to change his wear ring ( he said he had one)
    Everything was going fine until he couldn't find his wear ring, I told him I had a WSM yellow one but I was not sure the quality, so I went to get it at my apartment.
    The wear ring was was not perfectly round it was somewhat oval. I got it to go in but once it was in it had the impeller locked in place....I couldn't spin it by hand. I figured I'd let the engine cut a groove in it and it may be the best wear ring ever......WRONG
    I had to bump the starter in drownd engine mode to get the driveshaft splines to line up with the impeller since I couldn't turn the impeller by hand. Got everything installed and the starter was struggling to crank the ski cause of the tight fit. Once it fired it ran for about 20 seconds spitting yellow chunks of wear ring out then stalled the engine. I said I have never had this problem what a chitty wear ring.
    I pulled the pump back off and examined......the impeller spun for a little in the wear ring then stuck. the wear ring spun inside the housing creating heat and now the wear ring is melted to the housing a tiny bit.
    How can you manufacture such a chitty product, I heard about the exhaust valves now the wear rings.....can't wait until I try their pump bearings.

    So how should I charge the customer for this:
    I will have pulled the pump off and on twice.
    The wear ring I bought is garbage.
    He has to buy a new wear ring and so do I.

    WSM is CRAP

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    Hey Cos,

    I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience with the wsm and thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it. I guess I'll go oem.

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