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    06 RXP VTS Issues...HELP!

    Ok guys, newbie here to both the ski world and! I did a searchy on this and have come up with about 3 good combinations of solutions.....


    took ski out on a warm summer day (06 RXP 215), started fine backed up off the loading ramp, went to adjust trim...No display. No noticeable difference when pressing the button.

    Begin diagnostic VTS cover woosh, out comes the water....Ok motor is bad, dissasemble motor, reassemble motor test with 12v, works both ways. Ok---electrics, did some testing, 12v makes it to the motor on both legs, must be a polarity switch on the handlebars. disconnect battery, check ohms on switch, infinite when rest, 1-2 ohms when pressed. switch is good? Check all fuses for the 3rd time....all good. Thumbs hurt from pulling fuses.

    Next, process of elimination, fancy black VTS box with two wires thru hall. Call local dealership, explain problem, $400 for box, $200 to install. Definetly the problem he says.

    Search the net...find the box from dealership in massachusets. $225 shipped. I hate the local dealer already (closest is hr and a 1/2 away). I am a maintenance foreman in a steel mill, so I order ALL of the gaskets, nut, boot, clamps, oring. for a new fresh vts box install. $275 total.

    Last night with my trusty miller light, we begin, simple install, 2hours in and out. hook up the motor, all the essential plugs, connect battery, lone and behold not a damn thing has changed (except the account balance and 8 cans of me lucky charm).

    So the reading begins, come across this site, and read about a fancy BUD system or something like that, come to read about VTS going off the display, and depth guage coming on. NEAT. go check....yes depth guage is vts scale....go back to pc, read on, blah blah blah ,dealer only , $50. So I ask you this the problem before I go spend half my day and $50 chasing ghosts or what!

    Thanks for the Help


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    Yes, yes, and yes... off to the dealer you go Your ECU has lost it's mind and thinks it's an RXT... has your battery been disconnected for a period of time

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    Seems like youv'e replaced or tested everything that could be wrong with it, so it's off to the stealership for a date with the buds. Good luck.


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    Thanks guys for the replies....Appointment is Fri morning. I surely hope this fixes the problem!

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    Ok guys...recap on the problem...Took it to the dealer this morning, there were major communication issues. Literally had to hold connections together, disconnect and reconnect plugs before he was able to turn VTS back on. Hit the water and all seems well for now.....god I love being a boat owner.

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    Congratulations and thanks for the update. I have a new, used VTS motor that I will be installing next weekend. Hope that fixes mine.


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