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    2003 Polaris Genesis I starter or solenoid problem?

    I recently bought a 2003 Polaris Genesis I with only 35 hours. The original owner cranked it and ran it around the lake only 2 or 3 times a year and winterized it each winter. This year he replaced the battery before the first time he took it out on the water. We've had the jet ski on the water 5 times since we bought it and it's started and run just fine each time. Yesterday after pulling my son on a tube for a while, I stopped the engine and heard a noise from the engine - like the starter continuing to spin, but not engaging the flywheel. Pressing the starter button did nothing. It continued to spin for some time. I had no tools on the water to disconnect the battery, so we had to float the jet ski back to the boat ramp with the starter spinning. The noise/spinning eventually stopped and the jet ski started and ran again, but we immediately put it on the trailer. Started the jet ski at the boat ramp again, stopped it, and again the same thing happened. I disconnected the positive battery cable from the starter solonoid this time. When I got home, I started to reconnect the cable to the solenoid and the engine started to turn over on it's own - without depressing the starter button. I tried a couple times with the same result. Later, I could connect it with no problem and turn the engine over with the starter button. Is this a solenoid problem?

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    Arrow Polaris Brown 4011043 solenoid replaces original Black solenoid


    It does sound like it could be a solenoid problem.

    Does your solenoid have a black body color, or is it brown?

    The black ones tend to fail over time. They corrode internally, and the internal spring rusts.

    If your starter solenoid is black, replace it with a new brown bodied version. Even if it is not the problem, it should be replaced.

    Here is a thread showing the new, brown bodied solenoid

    The better 4011043 solenoid (Brown body) was used 2003-2004, and also retrofits to the 1999-2002 models.

    Edit2: The latest solenoid version is now Black again, but this time it is now all plastic, with no metal backing plate.

    If the problem is not the solenoid, the next thing I would check would be the start/stop switch. Look for corrosion inside the switch, and check the wires for shorts.

    Polaris Kit 2874369 - Harness, DFI, Solenoid Diode
    Sometimes the coil inside Black solenoid will generate an electrical pulse when the Start button is released, just after the engine has started running. That pulse would confuse the Ficht EMM, and it would promptly shut the engine down.

    Polaris issued a fix, in the form of a revision kit, part number 2874369. The kit consists of a snubber/flyback diode spliced into a replacement solenoid wire harness connector.

    For reference, the diode inside the kit is simply wired between the Black/White and Yellow/Red wires, with the Cathode (Banded end) of the diode connected to the Yellow/Red wire.

    When the Start button is released, the diode absorbs and snubs the electrical spike from the solenoid coil.

    In the new style Brown 4011043 solenoids, the diode is integrated inside the solenoid, so the kit is not necessary.
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, it does have the brown bodied solenoid. I will do more troubleshooting with both the solenoid and starter button tonight. If the solenoid is bad, do you think the problem would be consistent, or could it be intermittent like I'm seeing? Weird thing is that the starter spinning begins immediately after pushing the button to stop the engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pat View Post
    ...Weird thing is that the starter spinning begins immediately after pushing the button to stop the engine.
    Does your Genesis have a single button for both start and stop?

    Could the starter be spinning all the time, and you just cannot hear it over the running engine noise?

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    yes - it has a single button start/stop.

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    Confirmed last night that the starter solenoid was the problem. Was able to duplicate the problem - starter motor was getting power even though the starter button was not pushed. Tapped on the solenoid and the starter stopped spinning. Will order one today.

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