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    Question js550 problems HELP!!!!

    ok so i have a 88 js550 that was running like a top for the longest time. now it tures over really slow. it has a fully charged battery, i just put new electronics in it, it has 120 for compression but i think thats because it wont turn over fast. WHAT IS WRONG?! iv tried different batterys, i even have a motor out of another ski just sitting around and it did the same thing to it when i hooked that starter up (yes i had it all grounded) so idk. none of the ski shops will help me, they say to bring it in to them and they'll figure it out. but i dont want to pay out my ass for labor! i was hoping maybe someone has had the same problem and can help me get back on the water asap. thank for your help

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    starter or solenoid ? when my starter died it did the same, put a new goki starter in it and never looked back !

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