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    Headgasket question

    So i pulled the head on my ski because i was going to send it out to be milled to turn my DF14/20. However the turn around time is longer than i was expecting and since we've having a good weather streak this weekend, i really want to get it running for then.

    So, does it make sense for me to just put it back together as is, or should i try removing 1 layer of the headgasket to get a little more power to turn the dynafly? I have a fuel controller so i figure i could just take out a layer of the headgasket for a few weeks, and then have the head sent out when i can stomach the turn around time.

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    I DO NOT recommend 1 layer of head gasket on the 03' + GPR's. I have been down that road and it cost me a cylinder/piston kit. They are very hard to seal,especially if your cylinders do not measure up. My opinion is not to chance it but thats your call. Hope this helps.

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    hmmm, you could have thought about that before you took the head off... it`s busy this time of year...

    but, suck it up, send it out and you`ll have a nice grin when you have it back together...

    and get a new head gasket to!
    especially on an 08, don`t be cheap...

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    thanks guys, just what i was looking for

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