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    How many hours should it take?

    I will make it as quick as possible, I know there is alot on this topic and I have searched around on it and have a couple quick questions left.

    07 RXP
    73 hours
    SC cluch went out

    -Shop said $600 parts and labor to rebuild

    -Shop c alled today and said it will now be about 9 hours because all the parts have fallen down into the engine

    1. Is 9 hours what it should take? (i am assuming that is right about what peoplel have said worst case is)

    2. Should it be relitivly easy for me to see the parts down in the engine at the shop? (just to make sure this is actually the problem...)

    3. Any tips on getting any of this covered by seadoo?

    thanks for the help

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    I would recommend you do it your self, cause 9+ hours at $100+ and hour, it would be bad $expensive$, They are looking for the clutch washers that fell down into the engine, If you looked at the SC and saw the washers where still intact, and they wanted to do that, they are milking you, also, If you where close to me I would have it done for Half the $.
    did your oil pump get destroyed?
    what was going on with your ski? loss of rpm? or just cuput.

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    It became sluggish and limited at 6000 rpms... I put about 10 mins on it after it started to go...

    after some more searching around it looks like Seadoo refuses to help out with this problem unless it is under warantee (that ran out 3 months ago for me...)

    what are your thoughts on doing it myself??

    Is it possible to miss one small pice and causing engine failure?

    Would it take more than 9 hours if done outside the shop?

    any thoughts on other options besides the shop time?


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    i had 2 hours on my 07 when my charger went and it took the shop about 7 hours to pull the motor and fully go through it and replace oil pump, charger, and reinstall, and trust me they did the whole thing the owner is family friend forever.

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    It is hard to put a time frame on the fix as there may be damage to the internal engine components. The only way to know is to tear it down and inspect.

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    Is it covered in the owners manual how to remove/inspect everything that needs to be taken care of???

    would you reccomend having the shop do it?

    Reason I ask is because I have a friend who is an auto mechanic who is out of work for the next two weeks who is willing to help me...

    or is it not worth the risk of missing a small thing that could cause serious damage down the road?

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    well the motor is no different then a 4 cyl car motor, you guys should have no issues pulling it apart and putting it back together.

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    LOL Get the auto mechanic to do it LOL then get the Dealer to fix what he screws up. The Dealer that is going to do it has done it and knows what he needs he has all the special tools and knowledge needed and will stand behind his work. I am a Seadoo Tech and I can tell you what he has to do is not a quick job. Your boat isnt new and they wont pull the engine so it may take longer than some think. Does 9 hours include a water test. I dont know what your boat looks like but it can get ugly. Is he going to rebuild the oil pump? and replace the water pump seal? I can tell you auto mechanics and outboard Mechanics have created a lot of work for me... So have Champion Spark plugs never start Batteries and fuel additives Thanks walmart

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    I guess that settles that...

    Thanks for the advice. Should I just tell them what they think is necessary?

    I have been burned by a local dealer before. Long story short $750 to replace the main power cable on my 97 xp. That is why I am a bit skeptical about just telling the dealership to do what they need to...

    any advice on trying to get some help from seadoo on the repair costs?

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    Check with your dealer to see if It's not too late to purchase/ or extend your old warranty. Might be worth it if possible.

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