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    Intercooler Max Pressure

    Pale Rider found that Vortec says that 70psi is the max on the Riva.

    I found on ebay were they said the XSPower has been pressure tested to 60psi.

    My testing found the stock to go to 50-55. I'm splitting and regulating my IC pressure !! Cars run at WAY less psi why can't these. Also has been known that too fast of water and you don't pull out as much heat.

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    Great work Kinch we look forward to the rest of your results!!

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    Thanks Kinch! Now we have the base line we were looking for.
    I still belive that the opas port maybe a little higher (maybe that`s where the extra 7psi came from) due to the farther back location of the port. It`s right where the venturi starts to taper down and I would guess that pressure builds up there as the water flow exits the nozzle, know what I mean!?...

    So basically I`m safe right where my set-up is! Damn we are onto something! Yahoo!...PR...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pale Rider
    Thanks Kinch! Now we have the base. Damn we are on something! Yahoo!...PR...
    Yeah,,,tha pipe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOSS
    Yeah,,,tha pipe!
    Atleast give Kinch the credit for checking for all of us!

    anyone else going to run a seperate cooling line?...PR...

    Kinch: Look at this: this is for the Groco WSB-750 strainer Flow chart.
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