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    Riva B1 wheel installed SHO

    Well I installed the new Riva B1 wheel last night. It was easy and fast. I did about a 40 mile ride before pulling the craft out of the water, then from pulling the seat to launching back into the water was 58 minutes. The heat from riding acted as the heat to help remove the wheel holding nut on the shaft.
    I am seeing a consistant 7.5 PSI on the boost limiter of course as I do not have the R&D powershot yet. I gained 2.1 MPH with the additional 2 PSI I am getting over the stock wheel.

    By the way I am in the market for a powershot (for now) , if anybody has one they want to sell for a SHO. Thought some of you recent MOTEC upgraders might have your powershot for sale.


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    If you know someone else that has another powershot let me know...thanks

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    Try posting a "want to buy" thread in the classified section.

    I tried it a couple of weeks ago and eventually ended up just buying one in Jerry's store.

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