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    Unhappy Spark Plug Wiring Problem

    I am new to this but please bear with me... I put together a Polaris 777 DI engine and about finished. I have a problem with determining where the spark plug wires go. They were disconnected when I got the jetski... I get that the longer one is the PTO and the short one is Mag but where do they connect on to the coil? Which one is #1 and #2? Does it matter or do I have a 50/50 chance of getting it right? Stumped in TX...

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    Looking at the 2002 Virage i wiring diagram, the MAG ignition coil primary wire is Orange/Blue. The PTO coil primary is Orange/Green.

    So you would connect the PTO spark plug wire to the ignition coil that has the Orange.Green primary wire.

    Is that what you needed?

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    Got it started. Sounds like I knew what I was doing.

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