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    Stock water pressure tested

    Stock water pressure was 50psi at 7600. I think I could safely say it's 50-55 at 8100. What if running at 8400 is 60-65 The vortec guy said the threshold of the Riva IC was 70 Guess it's been running for a good while. I have my gallon per minute gauge coming in and I'm going to test the flow and pressure again of the stock system and then split them and see the difference. My theory is the stock washer controls pressure so no matter how many times you split it you should have the same pressure. Just need to test the flow. I would think if I split the IC and have the IC water-out going straight out the hull you would get better flow. I'm shooting for lower pressure better flow. Then with baselines on optimal flow I'm going to add an inline strainer and see the difference. Then just keep the gpm meter on it so I can check it occasionaly to see if I have any clogs.

    I used this below, which has a maximum needle and current.

    I blew my IC to SC off after adding the Riva wheel and during the troubleshooting removed the gauge connection. The7600 rpms was I'm sure from the tube being off the connection. I was back at 8050 after fixing it.

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    Agreed! I also believe that the water reducer disc may help with damaging surges, in and out of the water, disrupting water supply and such. Great Job Kinch!...PR...

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