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    Need to turn ski on side any tips

    Hi all great site,

    Can you help I have damaged my hull RXP 05, and need to put ski on its side for my man to fibre glass and gel coat an area at the base of the V, to fix two long cracks 12" from front to back.
    What have you guys done before? I have removed sponsons from one side and was going to remove oil, as water is closed system thought this would be fine.
    Thing that really worries me is would the engine mounts cope with ski on its side or should I support (some how?) the engine? will ski lie on its side ok?

    Many thanks for all your help and the sites info.

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    Any ideas guys?

    someone must have taken a ski off its trailer and placed ski on its edge before.
    Cheers tug.

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    Well Tug I will drain the oil and fuel and make sure all the oil is out.Turn and do the repair.


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    Could you get it on a dolly ? or just hang it ?
    Seems hanging it would be easier if you could get the mounts in your garage ceiling.

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    Ok thanks, I may have a rethink as no one seems to know much about putting a ski on its edge,I was told by my body repair guy that it would have to go on edge to do a proper repair,with no hoist seem I am stuck.

    Thanks agian for your replay.

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    I recalled seeing some pwc "lifts" in an overtons magazine and took the liberty of looking it up for you.Here is a link,just type "pwc lift" in the search box,there are several.

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    First of all, to correctly fix the hull cracks you describe, the engine will have to be removed to be able to get at the inside hull area for fiberglass work. Patching just from the bottom won't repair cracks, only scrapes and gouges. Lay the ski on grass or on carpet padding, tilted on its side. Possible to hold it that way with a ceiling mounted winch attached to one rear eye hook and to the front bow hook.


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    Thumbs up how to tip ski on side

    For anyone thats needs to do this.

    Remove seat and seat to top of ski cowling(3 allen keys one under BRP badge at rear)

    remove battery, drain all oil as per

    I only had small amount of fuel in which has not come out, but should drain.

    Remove sponson from side you are tipping on (best exhaust side, left edge when sitting on), check coolant water bottle cap is tight.

    The engine should be supported as engine mounts are not meant to hold weight with ski on its side, I pumped up (between engine and ski) a trailer 8inch inner tube do this exhaust side, on and below black metal side cover of engine before exhaust and hull, mind that the hose clip does not tear tube near exhaust, dont go mad pumping up only for support!

    with as many bodies as you can, lift ski off trailer on soft surface(ie grass) slowly tip on edge and place 3 to 4 old tyres under ski hull side, rest ski on tyres and secure ski other side (I placed upside down broom on sponson and ground (only to hold ie no weight on sponson) and tyre with a strapped down stake in ground to stop ski slipping either way).

    Ski will now be secure and you can work on hull.
    Dont forget to refill with oil! might as well change oil filter now.

    PS this worked for me and I am only writing this to help someone else, dont use this if your not sure and dont come to me if you break something.

    My ski is now back in water after what was a bad repair job (car body filler right through the hull and sprayed does not last long at 70mph) and good as new, thanks go to all that helped and to the ebayer that sold me the ski!!!.

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