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    XLT 1200 carb probs

    After some advice from the carb guru's, its an '04 XLT1200.
    Have the carbs removed, in the process of rebuillding, re-jetting, seats, adjusters, air intake etc. Removed tamper caps on both hi & low, removed the brass hi adjusters no problems, tried to remove the lo adjusters, got 1 out but the other 2 will not budge, they seem to be stainless and we've tried everything on the 'engineering' front to get these removed
    So... bottom line I'm rejetting to the advised specs, 110's & 125's, and was fitting new adjusters to do the 1 turn out and 1.5 turn out, does anyone know what the OEM low adjuster would've been set to ? can I leave the stock ones in and still rejet the lows ?
    Any life saving suggestions would be great
    Thanks in advance

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    I dont know if his will life saving but i had the exact same problem believe it or not,two seized adjusters,1 high,1 low.What i did was dill them slowly with a tiny drill bit,11/2 to 2mm,then used a torx15 and hammered them into the hole gently,with a socket and a 1/4 drive ratchet,i had a bit more leverage and got them out eventually,trust me they were tight,i thought i was going to have to get new carbs at one point!
    I'm pretty sure the stock carb settings are staggered because of the accel pump and also depending on what filters you are going to be using,you may find that the lows might need to be opened slightly more.
    That is what i have found anyway,110 lows 125 highs,95g with dull silver spring,accel pump removed,chokes plates removed,settings will be 1 1/2 lows,1 1/2 highs with k&n's and damn it pulls hard.

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