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    Rideplate installation

    When installing a ride plate do I need to apply 5200 to the edges before installation or just fill in the gaps/seams after the plate is bolted on?

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    It's a good idea to put it on the edges along with filling the gaps.

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    While on the subject of ride plates. I replaced mine with a r & d plate and put washers on the back to help porpousing. I would like to know if you have to put silicone on the threads of the screws and what type of silicone to use if you do. I have a Yamaha GP 800.

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    The best stuff to use is a flange Loctite 5900 or equivalent. However, RTV silicone will work as well, just doesn't have the hold that the flange sealant does. You should spread sealant over the entire surface of the hull that makes contact with the ride plate. Make sure you seal the bottom of the intake shoe really well to the ride plate...otherwise you could create a cavitation issue.

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