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    GP 800? or 1200?

    I am looking for opinions on the GP800.
    I used to own a 1999 GP760.
    I had it modified for handling an low end. I liked to play and jump.
    It was pretty fast, maybe 50.
    I am looking for a new ski. Should I look at a 800 or 1200.
    I know the 1200 will be faster.
    I want it to be fast, handle good and maybe save on a little gas.
    Also how are they 2 up? My daughter started going out, and I do not want to scare her with tipping over.
    Are they good in rough water?

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    not a great ski for two up riding in my opinion

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    It is very unstable with 2 riding. My advice: GP800R, 1200R or 1300R.

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    I have a 1200r, and they are horrible in rough water. THese skis are made to jump out of the water. That is just the honest truth, they are the most fun I have on a ski, but its no boat like a sho.

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    ^^^ Have you ever attempted to tune the hull? There are countless closed course/offshore riders who use the GPR.

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    Ha if you thing the GPR is made to shoot out of the water you should try an older GP. I feel like I'm driving a barge on the GPR compared to the GP.

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    Austin Fiore
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    not so stable with 2 up riding... the gp's are met to fly out of the water

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