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    Powervalve missing?????

    Over the weekend we were working on my buddies ski (2000 gp1200r about 100hrs)we did the dplate and pulled the covers so we could install the waveeater clips. first two cylinders looked fine but the rear cylinder had no powervalve in it??? You can clearly see down into the piston the brass collar and the bolt that hold it were there but no valve or pin? He just bought the ski a couple weeks ago and we did a compression test then and again when we found the valve missing and it is still fine.

    My question is is there any chance the valve fell down into the botttom of the crankcase and is laying down in there? from the pics I have seen on here it doesnt look like there is any way it could have gotten down there without causing major damage along the way. I am guessing that someone has worked on the ski and didnt put the valve back in on assembly but thought I would ask and see if anyone has ever seen this happen?

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    The valve would have gone out the exhaust, what is good compression?

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    Compression was 117 - 119 - 117

    we have the exhaust completly out and it wasnt in there the converter was intact so it would have to been in the first chamber.

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    maybe it was removed to safeguard the 3rd cylinder in some attempt to lower compression?

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