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    Need help with a 2001 Genesis i

    If anyone can help me with this problem I would really appreciate it. I am working on a 2001 Genesis i for a friend. When I got it it was running but not very well. Once I got a few things apart I realized that the flywheel and bendix were missing teeth. Ince the flywheel was off I found the stator was dinged up as well. I got all new parts and got it all back together, but now I am not getting any spark at all so I pulled the CPS and found it is gouged up a little bit and is testing as completly open. Would this effect the spark and fuel pump. If I pull the pump out completely and test it to a 12v source i am getting 25 psi but in the ski with the wiring harness i get nothing even when i plug up the lanyard. I was thinking maybe i need to get the EMM looked at but calling or e-mailing DFI got me nothing so I have no idea if they are even in buisness anymore.
    Any thoughts I would really appreciate it.

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    If the CPS is bad, you will not have any life in the EMM or fuel system.

    The starter button just cranks the engine. It does not wake up the EMM.

    The EMM waits for the flywheel rotation to signal that the engine is turning, and the CPS signal confirms that the engine is spinning and needs fuel and spark. The EMM then turns the fuel pump on, and begins firing the spark.

    No CPS signal = no EMM wake up, no fuel pump, no spark.

    Sometimes it seems that DFI Technologies doesn't answer right away, but as far as I know they are still active.

    Get a good CPS in there, and see what happens.

    The lanyard must be in place for the engine to start, of course.

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    k447, thanks i guess that answers the question then on why no fuel pressure, disregard the PM i sent you, not sure if you would seee this post. and yes of course the lanyard was in there when i was actually trying to go for a start, i'm not that silly. but in another post i thought i saw that as the lanyard is hooked up it will signal the fuel pump to run for 10 seconds to get intial pressure up, if so on this ski, i am not hearing that at all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt.benson View Post
    ...I thought i saw that as the lanyard is hooked up it will signal the fuel pump to run for 10 seconds to get initial pressure up...
    Maybe I am a bit foggy this morning, but I don't think the EMM will power up the fuel pump until it sees the engine turning.

    Can you point me to that post?

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    can't remember where it was on the polaris posts but it may not have had anything to do with the genesis, might have been a differant machine. If your not sure about it, then I am going to take your word for it. I wish i had a picture of the current CPS to show you, doesn't look too dinged, but the open circut means it probably got punched pretty hard by flying flywheel teeth somewhere along the way.

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    ok, found a used, but in good condition, CPS from a 1999 1200 Ficht at a shop in WI. going to order it tomorrow and hopefully have it here by this weekend so in my free time i can get it in fast and go from there.

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    Now i am back to square one again. got the new CPS and got it in and was trying to start it and the starter/flywheel locked up. I took the front cover apart and found out why, i had the flywheel magnets grenande and the stator is torn up again. This is beginning to frustrate the hell out of me. I thought the CPS might just have a clearance issue but it was pats of overthing flying around in the case that banged it up again.
    Anyone ever heard of this happening before with a replacement.
    The guy that sold me the flywheel (used) and the stator (new) has already been contacted but I haven't heard anything back yet.
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    I have had a problem with the magnets breaking on a tigershark. I was trying to take the flywheel off and the cup on the puller shattered then hit the magnet. I was able to use epoxy to put the magnet pieces (2) back on the flywheel. They have to be tight together for polarity. The motor has been ran after the repair. If you take the flywheel off do not use a hammer on it just use a puller. They can become loose by hitting the flywheel. Also check that the crank is not twisted.

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    I have a collection of broken flywheels like yours .Need the latest 12 magnet style to stop this problem .The flywheels are cast and therefore porous .This doesen't help when you try and glue something to it .It also doesn't help to have something large glued to it (magnet)The cast flywheel expands and contracts with heat and the magnet doesn't as much and the glue fails and you have what youve got .The new style flywheel is the same part number(when I was getting them anyway with Warranty ) so you need to request the 12 magnet style when purchasing


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    Thanks for that info, although looking on any polaris parts diagram i am only seeing the flywheel like i have not a 12 magnet one. Maybe someone will chime in with one in great shape they are needing to get rid of and can help me out on this.


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