finally got my machine running. i just havent had time between school, work and now i am buying a house. problem though, and i want to say stator. on the hose, it seems to idle decently well until you open the throttle a little. it starts popping and backfiring through carbs and exhaust.

i know that usually means the rotary gear, but here is why i hope it may be the stator and would like to know your guys opinion on it. the new motor is a very low hour motor so i hope it does not have a stripped gear and it looks like the rotary cover has never been off. the only ignition item i changed from my previous motor is the stator. i used the one that is with the current motor. since when i pulled the front cover from the old motor there is nothing but rust in there. and while the ski was idling you could here the ignition suddenly kick in and out and the motor would idle harder and stronger and then go back to an eh idle. is there any way to clean the rusty stator that actually worked? where can i find the resistances for the stator to test the current one?

and one thing thats got me worried. what color is the cavity oil in the case? i found a small amount of clear oil in the crankcase and hope thats not it.