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    2001 gp1200r CHATTERING noise coming from the rear

    i have a noise that i am hearing only outside the water when running on a hose, or blowing out the water after a ride in the lake. It almost sounds like bells when the rpm's are droping from reving it up. Do you think it could be a bearing? you can also hear it when its idle-n a tad bit.

    wear ring hitting stock prop?

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    probably nothing wrong other than normal wear... they do get loose, the grease from the splines to the impeller wears away...

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    can anything be done to shut this up? i grease the zirt fitting about every 5 hours and i just greased it and it didnt quite it down.

    is it a dont worry about kind of problem.

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    most skis do this.. when you running it out of the water and, more so when you turn it off.

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    if you are useing the prop cone look to see if it has come out of the prop.

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    stock prop w/stock anti cavation cone. cone is tight.

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    It's normal.

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