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    Cool Supercharger slip with RR high boost wheel??

    I have a 2007 RXT (mods in my signature) 30 hours on it, I installed the metal washers w/ 1 shim @ around 6 hours, so I've got approximately 24 hours on the washers.

    I checked the slip the other day, it's @ 80 inch pounds, I thought it was a little light so I added the second shim and it went to over 150 inch pounds, so I went back to the original 1 shim 80 inch pounds set-up.

    Question is, what should the slippage be with the RR high boost wheel and are there any other alternatives to adjusting the slip other than the shims??? I usually ride the sometimes rough waters of Lake Michigan.


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    I would set that wheel between 110 and 130 in lbs . However 150 will be fine. If you really want to get it a little lower you have a few different options.

    1. you can sand the L nut a little with some emery cloth or 180 grit sand paper.
    2. You can stack your spring washers differently. I would remove both shims and stack the spring washes like this, sc/ (()() / Lnut/ nut. Then check the slip to see if you need to add 1 of the shims back. This may get you closer to your target.
    3. replace the spring washers with mcmaster spring washers or mix and match to get it correct.

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