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    Supercharger question???

    My ski has 96 hrs on it. While knowing the recommended rebuild stage is 100 hrs, what are the symptoms of a failing charger? Does it just go dead? Or does the ski gradually loose power, or rpms?

    What should I be watching out for?

    Thanks in advance for the knowledge.

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    You will loose performance.

    Just check the inlet hose to the intercooler,if its hard with the engine running you'r ok.

    If the hose stays soft there is no pressure in the supercharger.

    This means a broken or worn charger.

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    if you're hitting proper rpm's you're fine.....that 100 SC maintenance alarm is a BRP cash grab(imo)....Jerry rebuilt my SC at 98 hrs,and the used sc washers he sent me back her almost like new(i'm a moderatly agressvive rider)
    My ski did rev higher af the rebuild though

    If your a gonzo madman on the water,thats another story

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