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    Broken steering cable 2008 15f

    OK so I'm minding my own business enjoying my early evening ride when suddenly my steering cable snaps which resulted in me having to use my foot as a rudder to get back to the ramp. Phoned Kawasaki about my problem only to find out that my "good time" warranty does not cover cables. At any rate in order to expidiate the job as soon as possible, I've decided to try and replace the cable myself. I am not very adept at mechanical repairs, however I don't want to spend 300 bucks or wait untill a repair shop has the time to get around to fixing my ski.

    Please someone, can you give me some guidence on how to replace a steering cable? Is this a difficult job or is it just a PITA? Any tips would be greatly received.

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    Just replaced the one on my 06 with 160 hours, got a WSM from Atlantic Jetsports fo 69 bucks, take the glove compartent off theres 2 screws at the top that need a small screw driver, take off the ride plate and use 1 1/16 inch boxed end wrench to get it loose from the hull there is a small snap ring that i ALL MOST LOST, and a washer and o ring. not really that hard.

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    Go to the classifieds, Aaronc has one for sell for 40 bucks

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    Thanks so much for the advice. Unfortunatly, in a panic to get on the water as quick as possible, I located a place that had one in stock and would replace it for me at what I thought was a resonable price (260 bucks); not so resonable after you giving me advice on how to replace it and indicating that it really is a simple job. My own fault. I should have gotten a service manual.

    Again thanks so much for responding in such a timely manner.

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    When you guys install or adjust the cable do you rig in some left nozzle trim?(make the cable a little longer than neutral or centered nozzle) I've been doing this with mine to take into account the engine torque effect upon the hull tracking. Seems to be a good compromise to keep the handlebars straight when the machine is going straight the best average of most used speeds. Anyway that is what I do and I like it. RR dude-here's a manual thanks to some very nice and kind nameless person.


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    Thank you so much! If I wasn't so impatient it would have saved me some money that I could have put towards some "go fast" parts.

    Again thanks.

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    We use Skat trak steering cables in our Kawi's. They are twice as strong as stock and last alot longer. Ask for the black skat trak cable as it is the beefier of the two offered.

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    What gage is the metal ball rod end internal thread- which threads onto the swaged cable end fitting

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