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    My ski takes in water at full throttle!

    I have a 2001 rx i just bought with a seized motor. Igot it rebuilt and its working beautiful when just cruising at around 5000rpm. However at full speed it takes in ALOT of water. It only takes around 10-15 seconds at flat stick to fill around 5 litres of water in the hull. Starting and stopping does not take in any water at all. And the water drains out fairly quickly with afew minutes of cruising around 5000.

    Any help on this would be massively appreciated!!

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    your missing these, they press fit inside the exit venturi(pump nozzle)


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    Thanks! $2.65! I was expecting another few hundred bob >.<

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    If the water drains out at slower speeds would that not indicate that the bailers are there?

    Well, it is not hard to find out. Look up into the back of the venturi and see if they are there (they will be sticking out of the top, inline with the tubes that run along the top of the pump).

    If they are there, you may have a weak accordian boot. This is the boot that holds the carbon seal where the driveshaft goes through the hull. Also, the circlip may not be on the drive shaft or there could be grease on the face of the carbon seal. All of these things can/will cause a leak at that seal and the leaks are worse at higher speeds (higher pressure in that area, you see).

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    My inclination is a split accordian boot (on your driveshaft). I chased an identical problem for months. It would only leak at wot.

    Loosen it and rotate it 180 degrees. I bet you will find a split on what was the bottom of it.

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