Sounds like he was drinking.This is close to me.

CEDAR RAPIDS - Rescue crews pulled the body of a 30-year-old Cedar Rapids man out of the river just before 8:00 p.m. Wednesday night. And now, the woman who riding alongside him on another jet ski has been charged with drunken boating.

Christopher Clark, 30, was killed after falling into the river near the roller dam. The Cedar Rapids Fire Department says Clark and Bobbiejo McDanniel, 36, were riding on the river on separate jet skis.

Clark fell off the jet ski and couldn't get back on. Firefighters say that area is really the most dangerous undercurrent you could face.

McDanniel, 36, made an initial appearance Thursday morning on a charge of operating a water vessel under the influence, according to court records. The complaint said officers responding to the scene suspected McDanniel intoxicated and took her to the Marion Police Department for a breathalyzer test. McDanniell refused to provide a sample for the test.

McDanniel was released from jail after her court appearance.

We spoke with one fisherman who saw the whole thing happen.

"There was a guy and a girl, the guy tried to get up close to the rapids. It actually sucked him off the jet ski. He tried a few times to get back on, he just couldn't get back on. Some other guys were hollering at him, trying to throw him a rope. But he just never came back up," said Brett Rettenmeier.