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    Question 657x only running on 1 cylinder. Carb Issue?

    Yesterday I was out on the lake and all of the sudden my machine fell right on it's face and would only go about 5 mph at WOT. I limped it back to shore and put brand new NGK plugs in it. No difference. I packed it up for the day and headed home. I checked for spark and both cylinders have good spark. I then ran a compression test and found them to be at 147 and 150 PSI. Double checked for spark and all is good. Could this be a carb issue?

    A little history: I bought this machine last fall and have been riding the snot out of it with no problems at all until yesterday. It always ran perfect. I had the (bad) gray fuel lines on there. Last week I changed ALL 20 feet of them to the new style. I wasn't having any problems. Just doing it as a CYA. However, I did not clean the little filters inside the carbs (yes, lazy, I know). Should this be my next move?

    Also, would it be a bad idea just to eliminate those little filters and get a good inline filter right before the carbs?

    1 more question: When I take the carbs off and apart to get at this little filter, do the gaskets typically tear?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Forgot to mention how I know that it is only running on 1 cylinder. If I remove the rear spark plug wire, it runs exactly the same. If I remove the front, it dies.

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    If you verified spark on both cyls, then that's a good start. Compression sounds good too.

    Try dumping a couple of oz. of gas down the cyl, see if you can get it to run on that cyl. If you can, then you have a fuel delivery problem.

    The gaskets usually do not tear when you remove the plate, but you will need new intake gaskets where the carbs mount... never re-use those.

    Keep the internal filters in.. That's your last line of defense. Installing a non-restrictive inline filter is a good idea too.

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    Great idea. Thanks!!! I'll try that tomorrow. (stuck at work for the rest of the day right now)

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    I'm still stuck at work, so my friend poured a little gas in the rear carb and she fired right up, even with the front spark plug wire disconnected. So, I'm going to remove the carbs and clean those filters.

    Thank you.

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    i ve had a few like that, and more than once found because of their age ans wear the carb linkage that connects the 2 carb has fallen off one end

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    Problem fixed. I removed the carbs and cleaned everything. I also installed an inline filter right before the carbs (found it at Walmart in the lawn mower section) just as a CYA.

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