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    Modifications for 96 speedster for wakeboard use.

    Hi I'm new here. I need some help setting up a 96 speedster for wake boarding.
    Anyone ever try using this boat for wakebarding? It has no pull whatsoever... And if you do manage to get off the water the damn thing just starts to accelerate to very unsafe speeds. So i was thinking that maybe with an apropriate propeller or another performance mod to make it get off the water faster and reducing top speed. Any ideas?

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    Most jet boats before 98 had bad cavitation problems. To ensure that your boat has more pull, make sure to check the wear rings, impellers, pump shoe seals and thru-hull seals. If any of the above is bad, it will contribute to a poor take-off.

    I have a 96 Challenger single engine, and never mind pulling a skier, with 4 people in the boat, it takes forever to get on plain.

    You can do a search on here or on the web for "speedster cavitation" you'll see how other addressed the problem.

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    I had a 2003 single-engine Sportster and it had a lot of trouble pulling anything... skier, tube, anything. I decided after a few disappointing trips to the lake that I would just stick to scaring the hell out of unsuspecting passengers with 180 degree turns at 40mph.

    For better hole shot, or more power getting a skier up there are different impellers that you can use that are configured for better low-end. This is only useful after making double sure your pump and engine are in great shape. I also know exactly what you're talking about with the boat taking off way too fast for towing when it gets on plane... that's just the nature of these boats. You really need to be on the throttles and watching your speed. It's tricky doing any speed between 10 and 20mph.

    Good luck!

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