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    Installing R&D Rideplate on a 12f

    I just purchased an R&D Rideplate for my 12f and I need some instruction on how to install the new plate. Is there anything I need to do besides just removing the bolts from the stock plate when I take it off? What Silicon should I use when attaching the new plate? Where do I apply it? Is there anything else required in the process besides applying some silicon and installing a few bolts? Any tips would be very appreciated.

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    I did it on my 15F couple mounths ago, and it is very easy to do, you will have to remove the reverse bucket , and the steps it will be eseaier to get the reverse bucket bolts, for the reste apply some silicone where kawasaki put it on the OEM that is wat i did and you could adjut it to the body, i did just a bit of metal removing with a file to cut a small sharp edge in the front of the plate.

    Just be carfull with the 3 sealing gasket for the intake grate .

    That what i did and gain abot 2 to 3 mph with the R&D and some custom intake grate mod

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    I just trued my R&D rideplate to my hull today, when you get your old one off, put the new one on, I just wedged a 1x2 between the trailer and rideplate or you could use 2 or 4 of the bolts, and look down the hull from the front and see if it hangs lower any where, if it does, take it back off and start filing and sanding and repeat untill it follows the contours of your hull. After sanding and filing I just used a aluminum polish.

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    Thanks for the tips, now I have the reverse brackets for the rideplate as well, so all I need to do is bolt the reverse bucket onto brackets correct. Also does anybody know of a website that has detailed instructions on rideplate removal? Is it in the service manual? I looked at Riva's website but there was nothing about the rideplate.

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