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    99 Gsx-L boggs low rpm

    so the ski starts up fine and hesistates for a little bit till around 2800-3k rpms the takes off completly fine if im crusing its fine if im doing 50 and let off the throttle and get back on it fast it bogs for a breif any suggestions or anything and if telling me to replace anything other then fuel lines please be specific on where this items are are im new to this

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    Sounds like you just need to do some tuning. Adjust the low jet in or out a very small amount and try it until it responds properly. If you turn it in too far, it will start to surge and try to stall, out too far and it will run rough. You just need to find that sweet spot but you also need to do it while it's in the water. If you have it in deep enough, you should be able to do it on the trailer, the adjustments need to be made with the cooling going through it, and the carbon ring needs to stay cool too. Also you should find out what the proper settings are for the jets before you change them. They may not be right as it is, or you may need to reset them either for reference to how far you've gone or to start over again.

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    after ive read the forums a bit im guessing the the grey fuel lines im replacing them 2morrow and gonna try again sat thanks for the response

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