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    Gremlin under the seat!!

    Well after getting my ski back together this year I have gained a lot of speed but lost rpms? With my current set up Im running 7010 rpms at max and running right at 70mpr! Well I was stocked to hit 70 but my goal with this project was 75! I know this ski can do it but I need to get it tuned in! With my set up this thing bogs out of the hole but cleans up real quick! Then it bogs up to 6000 rpms and takes off like a bat out of hell I have tried tuning it but every thing I do does not make a difference!! In the tuning process I have not gained any speed at all! I need some help on what the problem could be and how to fix it! My current set up is

    2002 gp1200r
    1300 big bore
    Porting by Lowell
    Pro x pistons
    Riva gas power valves
    V force reeds
    Stock milled head (opened up)
    Total loss fly wheel
    Stock carbs 130 main/ 115 lows & 1.5 needle
    14/22 skat
    1200 grate
    R&d plate (stock)
    Premix 40-1 amsoil

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    Would throw my 2 cents in, but don't want to get bashed.

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    just GOT TO DO IT! great lakes gpr 1200's Avatar
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    Hey dude long time.... where you at with your jets?


    this where I am at and I'm running rich on the bottom and a little bog on bottom( but still kicking RXP a$$ out of the hole... and across the lake) If it takes off like hell at 6000rpms... an't that where your valves jump open? hey call me I got some funny shit to tell you 231 557-1258... I got mine running sweeet ,,, until I get more money.

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