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    1998 seadoo gtx limited bog problem

    Hey every one- I just purchesd 1998 gtx limited with 34 hours on it. I took it out today for the 1st time and had this problem.The first 5 minutes the ski ran great no hesitation to 65mph. then for the next 30 mins i couldnt get the ski to turn more than 4000 rpm's before it would start hesitating meaning as soon as I would hit 30mph with full throtle the rpm's with rev to 6500 back to 4000 back to 6500 up and down never traveling faster than 30mph.But if eased into the throttle up to 4000 rpm at 30mph at 1/2 throttle i had no issue.after th half hour I decided to take it to shore for a better look and noticed it was low on oil but not empty,I added oil and went back out but had the same problem,after 5 minutes I decided to head back in to trailer the ski.Just then the ski started to run well and did so for the next 90 minutes with 3 different instances of the same problem but at much higher rpm and speed and only for a second or two.Im guessing that the ski my have been sitting for some time due to the low hours on it , so im thinking old gas.I am new to pwc's and could use some advice and suggestions to what my problem may be,I read a similer post to mine and wonder if the same course of action should be taken(carb hoses fuel filter etc..) and also recomend a good how to book for idiots
    any and all responces are welcome thanks .
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