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    98 STX 1100 Starter Bendix replacement question

    I have read and searched and cannot find anything on this topic. Need to replace bendix. I understand 3 options, 1-pull engine (prefer not) 2- remove water jacket and pull starter with bendix 3- remove gas and oil tanks and pull front case to get to bendix.
    First ?- If I pull gas and oil and remove case front Can I get bendix out withOUT removing starter? And some have said I can wiggle it out without removing flywheel? Is that true?

    Second?- If I remove water jacket and pull starter will Bendix come with it, or do I still have to pull front engine cover also??

    Any solutions or BEST recommendation for getting at and replacing this bendix would be GREATLY appreciated.

    ( I have the "classic" high speed hum with attempt to start, sounds like a cordless drill). THANKS

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    I could use answers to the same questions.

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    OK, You can do it with out pulling the motor. First you have to remove the oil pump on the front of the cases,then pull the cover. You have to remove the flywheel to remove the benndix. You need a puller for the flywheel and you have to take the strap off the gas tank and move it just a hir foward to use the puller. Once you have the flywheel removed the benndix will come right out. Make sure the little spring in the caver where the benndix mounts does not fall out. replace and reinstall flywheel.and cover. Line up the oil pump drive and your done.

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    Sorry for the dump question, but is the Bendix the clutched gear between the starter and the flywheel? If so, I have the same problem.

    Do you have any info on what size flywheel puller or attachment I need to pull the flywheel?


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