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    startup after long winterized period

    Going to look at some 96 XP 800's that have not been in the water this year or all of last year. They have been winterized all this time. Before checking compression and firing them up, any suggestions on proper procedure to get them going?

    Obvious is new gas......

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    Start up

    As long as it was properly winterized it should be ok, My Polaris sat for almost 3 years, I replaced battery & spark plugs & ran it on the hose to check for leaks before I put it in the water, again, hopefully it was properly winterized

    David N

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    After changing the fuel, you will save much starter wear and time if you prime the fuel system.

    To do this, remove the fuel return line off the rear carb. Place a cup underneath the exposed barb, and plug the hose. Remove the gas cap and genttly pressurize the tank with air, until you get a solid stream squirting from the barb.

    Reattach, and she will start right up when you choke it.

    If the spark plugs are black, change them.

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