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    Anyone know if the XPS 5w40 oil is ok for SC

    I can get a really good deal on seadoo oil but its the 5w40 oil please let me know if this is ok for the SC.

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    Just bought oil today, XPS white bottle. Got home and realized it was 5w40 not 10w30 that I have used in the past. I called the dealer and this is what I learned.
    • Seadoo changed the weights on their summer oil to 5w40.
    • XPS 10w30 mineral oil no longer available.
    • XPS in white bottle is mineral oil and will work in all 4-TECs (SC and NA).
    • XPS in the black bottle is semi-synthetic and will also work in all 4-TECs (SC and NA).
    • Semi-synthetic is twice the price, but offers marginally better protection.
    Does this sound right to the experts?

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