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    keyway useage question!!

    As you all know I like to integrate the latest pieces into useage on the GP and the WR's.
    Can a offset key work on the early 1200,a 760 or the 500?
    Does anyone know of one having been used ? Is it a different style key from the gpr?
    ALSO!! any info on added heat these may produce in the engine?
    How about offsetting the pickups inside, oval out the mounting bosses , and reset them?
    .. sounds like its use might be a good test anyway
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    Yes it will work, but I don't think it is the same size as the GPR.

    You will pick up power from it, but of course more advance = more heat and octane requirements.

    I would stick with a 3 degree if you can find one and run pump premium.

    I would stay away from slotting the exciter pickups as it is tough to correlate movement with affected advance.
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    I thought of moving the sensors but on the 1300 they have a recess to position them correctly and this would have to be trashed to slot the pickups.

    The amount to move them is easy to calculate, just run a tape measure round the flywheel to measure the circumference divide this by 360 and then the result is how far to move the pickups per degree of advance.

    The one advantage I can see of this is that you could advance the rear cylinder by say 2 degrees and the rest by 3.

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