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    Let's keep it clean

    Now don't make this a Fercho vs Kerry or vs anybody else thread but I have been wonder what the benefit is:
    Just picked my boat up from Kerry's this morning.
    What can I say other than it has been an awesome experience!!!
    What a geat guy to work with.
    When I dropped it off it was an 02 1200 with the stage 2 kit and 05 pump conversion running around 66.
    Now its a Big Bore/ Package boat running 77.4 w/ 1200 grate and stock carbs
    What I want to know is why the big board when Ronn25 ran 77.8 on an unported 1300 and WFO and a few others also ran high 77 with a 1300?
    NOw this is in no way an attack(So John Abbott stay away(lol)) it is a question that I bet is on a few others mind also.

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    I'll take a shot at this- Just because you have a big bore done doesn't mean you have or can afford to have all the parts to make you the fastest. Someone might take their ski to a tuner and say I have this amount of money how fast can you make me go? I don't know what all is done to that big bore , but he might not have all the parts like v-force reeds, dynafly pump ect... Its apparant that he doesn't have big bore carbs, maybe the larger bore benefits more from bigger carbs?

    But even if he does have everything, that ski is probably setup to handle well and perform well all around. I'm willing to bet you could throw an 800 grate on, jack the ride plate up and superman it to 80mph+ easily.

    Take my ski for example- Yeah, I managed to pull 77.8mph out of it with my light ass 170lbs, but this was right on the edge of bucking and bouncing hanging as far as I could off the back, low on fuel, cold engine ect..
    But do you know what my ski really runs just sitting on the seat with over 1/2 tank of fuel? only 75-76mph, then put a 1200 grate on it and I'm only at 74mph and lock it down to handle the chop and I'm only at 73mph.
    So to be at 77.4mph on a 1200 grate fully locked down clearly shows how much more power that big bore ski is really making.

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    I'll take a guess too. That ski run 77.4 locked down with full handling.
    Loose is Fast. Loosen it up and it will run faster. It ran 76+ on the seat. Bigger carbs and the 800 grate will put it at 80+ with Full Handling.

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    This is going no where fast. The question was answered pretty well about smooth water speed versus rough water.

    There is no need to question tuners like Fercho, Kerry, Carl, Harry, or anyone else that decides to design and setup a gpr.

    I'm locking this one down, and might even delete a few post in here. Let's try and keep the MUDSLINGING to a minimum in here.

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