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Thread: rxt impeller

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    rxt impeller

    what are mt options for over prefromance.thanks scooter

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    If the question you are asking is about performance props for the RXT I think we are still experimenting with that. You didn't mention if you are stock or have any mods but some are getting good results by getting an RXP prop and having it repitched. I have the stage 2 kit and am still working on getting the right pitch.I now have the SRX-CD 13/19 from Riva. I am doing 70 on the GPS. It is at Impros now being repitched.Hopefully we will have better data soon on just what prop works best on the RXT. Give us more info on what your ski is and just what your mods are or if you are stock and maybe someone can point you in the right direction. Impros is who I use for my prop work and advice on props some of the guys on here have had good results from PPG.
    Welcome to this forum,hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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