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    Stock Motor Rebuild

    Wanted some input, i have a stock 1200 motor that is seized due to water corrosion it definetaly needs a new crank and one cylinder and piston. If i were to buy a rebuild kit how much would it cost to get it fixed any recommendations on what i should look for or how much to repair it would cost me?

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    If you buy new parts, you are looking at around $2000. You would be better off calling Riva for a entire motor, then parting what you have left out. Better option for a motor that you aren't going to modify; call SBT, I think it's around $1800 for a motor with a 2 year warranty, just have to send them your core motor.

    If you want to rebuild it yourself, get on the Items Wanted area and start asking; you can find just about any part you want, and there is always someone with some good cylinders.

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