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    Jetworks Mod, Almost Finished???????

    Whats The Rule Of Thumb For Setting The Pro Jetworks Valve. Putting My 05 Gpr Back Together Now. Ready To Ride

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    Welcome to the forum mattox.........hopefully you have an aftermarket tach.
    Put the ski in the water either on the trailer or not.Watch your tach until the rpms reach 3000 to 3500 rpm then leave it alone.Just make sure water is coming out around those rpms.Someone will chime in shortly to help you better then i did.

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    I undone the hose going between the JW valve and the exhaust (at the JW valve) and then put a 3 ft peice of tube from the JW valve and just put this under the seat and out the side of the ski. I could then see when the valve opened and water would flow. Then just accelarate the ski up to when the valve opens, you will easily see when water flows out of the tube, and set this to 3500 RPM with the washers etc in the JW valve.

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    Welcome to the board. I graduated from haughton high school. My parents moved back about 6 months ago. Things sure have changed a bunch.

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