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    New kid on the block

    Hey guys seems like a great site!! I have a yellow 04 RXP and pretty much lovin' it. I am located in Lake Havasu City, Az. Just curious but what is the fastest someone has gone and then pulled a right or left "donut" w/ OPAS on and what some of you are hitting as a top speed stock. just wondering. later guys.

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    fastest i've went with opas on and taking a 90 degree turn is right around 60mph.... at 55 i held on.. at 60 my friend watched me tumble across the water quite some distance from the ski.. that one hurt... opas came off this weekend and putting some things on... i'm anxious to get back on the water and see how things handle... --- i don't think i blame the opas for my toss though -- just too quick of a turn and not a good grip for me.... fastest stock was 67.4 for me..

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    It's all about predictability. Remove the OPAS plus get the Riva or Worx sponsons and put them in the all-the-way down'll know what it means to HOLD ON!

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