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    IC pressure & flow , cars vs. pwc

    Still trying to figure out the flow/psi requirements of the IC. So far I've heard 30-50psi range is safe. I had to order another gauge that show maximum as well as current psi readings for the water so I can figure out the stock flow. Also waiting on my gpm flow meter.

    I'm now trying to figure out what is really required for optimal IC flow. Being heat transfer is the key too fast and your not transfering, too slow and not pulling out enough.

    My question...
    I've been looking at car IC water pumps just to see what power/flow they use. Looks to be 10-15gpm and like 10-20psi This is way under what the assumed flow/pressure ratings are for our PWC but what if that's all that is required.... Do any of you car guys no any flow/pressure numbers of what car liquid intercoolers do ?

    Here is a link to a guy that is doing it with a 20gpm capable pump.

    Here is something talking about ideal IC flow and pumps
    They say 12GPM These pumps are like 6gpm
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    Most air/water systems I have worked with on cars have used a RV/Boat style water from sureflo....not sure of their GPH but they had a adjustable pressure switch built in that we ran at the highest PSI.

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