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    Cool Covert Run, by Jammer 1 I missed you guys, Time to ski!

    Well, I am alive. The covert run will consist of a in and out extraction of a PIG. WHAT?.. I know ....I know... not crazy yet.. but you guys have to trust me on this one. Destination is Santa Cruz Island. 1 mile radius off limits for all PWC Operators, There will be a boat anchored 1 mile marker VIA GPS. Everybody will have to re-fuel Top off, PERIOD NO IF's OR BUT"S..... There will be a short meeting on the boat. The game is to bring the pig back home unharmed, No shooting ,no traqiulizer( but you guys can shoot 11 anytime with that?) ALIVE !... The PIG guys, not 11( he's open game to all websites, they all love him.($$$$$$$$.)Ratings=$$$$$$ anyway let's get back to the most important things.. The "PIG" and not 11 although they'er close. More info as soon as I see the players................Who wants to come out and Play?.........Stay home 11, your grounded !
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