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    Towing double trailer with one ski

    Hello all,
    Need some advise. I have a shorelander double trailer, and since i am slower than most my SL750 wont be ready for the lake this weekend. Can i tow with my SLT780 alone without trailer whip?


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    I've done it many times without problem.

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    Yeah, it'll be fine. The only thing I do if you ever have to trailer it many times alone, just keep swapping it from side to side, otherwise you can wear one tire/suspension faster than the other side.

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    Just make sure the tongue weight is set properly, and it will tow just fine.

    Also make sure the tire pressures are correct, per the trailer spec plate/label. If no info on trailer, set tire pressure to the max pressure stated on tire sidewall.

    If the tires are over five years old, they are probably in need of replacement. Look between the thread blocks for signs of cracking and dry aging in the tread grooves.

    Lots of good info in the trailer forums.

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