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    Exclamation Has anyone in texas been ticketed for pulling without a spotter

    In Texas, you do not need a spotter to pull a skier or tube with a jet ski if you have a 4X4" mirror. As most know, jes ski mirrors are not big enough. There is a company named Cipa that makes strap on towing mirrors that are large enough so you don't need a spotter.
    Most of the Lake patrol on my lake are pretty cool, but at some lakes they will look for an excuse to give you their autograph!
    The mirror will fit Sea Doo's and Polaris models. If you have a ski that the Mirror is built into the hood like the new Yamaha's, I am not sure if it will fit.
    Most importantly, please check with your State for their regulations.
    If in Texas, Interprit the law as you feel.

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    Larry,I live not far from you up in Waco.I have never been hassled about pulling w/o a spotter.Where are you being harassed,Belton?

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    No,I have not been questioned at all. I ride out at Stillhouse, Most of the Rangers I have run in to have been great to deal with.
    A friend of mine was ticketed at Belton for that. I was just putting that out there FYI . I would hate to hear someone else get ticketed and then "Oh by the way"

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