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    Where is my RPM's?

    I have a 2004 RXP that turns only 7750 RPM's. I have a Stage 1 Kit with the Riva SC Impeller. My Ride plate holes have been filled. I am turning a new 14/19 Solas impeller and have a new wear ring and carbon ring. Oil level is between the 2 marks.Weather is usually 90 Degrees with the water temp of 89 and high humidity. I run my 2006 GTX LTD SC no mods in the same weather conditions and turn 8,000 rpm's.The engine on the RXP has about 30 hours on it my last engine toasted when the SC went at 106 hours. Old engine turned up 8,000 with the same set up and same weather conditions. Anyone got any suggestions where the other 250 to 300 RPM's might be. Ski has a great hole shot and Mid range just don't seem to be reaching its potential on RPM's.
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