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    Unhappy Texas loses one of its own

    Some of you may have known " Riley" over on the Riva board, I dont know if he ever made it over here.
    This weekend " Riley" aka Darren Dugas was out riding his superjet stand up with his wife on the GPR. I dont know all the details but " Riley" and his wife colided into each other, " Riley" / Darren Dugas is no longer with us and leaves behind 3 children.
    This is a good wake up call for us and reminds me of what Fernando used to always preach, always wear a helmet. " Riley's" GPR only had a couple of mods and I am sure his wife could not ride it to the full potential that us hardcore guys do, BE CAREFULL, Its just goes to show that it can happen to anybody from where we exspect it the least.

    My prayers go out to the Dugas Family.

    KIRK350, can you post up the artical you sent me today at work ?
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    That's sad. Hope everyone gets through it OK. Just a quick idea? Alot of members on this site how about a little relief for the family? That would really help for a number of reasons. [-o<

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    I can't imagine what the family is going through.Godspeed to him. My prayers go out to his family.Everyone, please be careful out there.

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    -Quick Links-

    New Information About Fatal Jet Ski Accident Reported by Scott Lawrence July 31, 2006 - 11:46AM NEWS RELEASE FROM ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE

    On Saturday July 26, 2006 at approximately 1:48 PM Orange County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene of a jet ski accident at a lake located off of IH-10 in Rose City.

    Once there, deputies found a white male and a white female being loaded into an ambulance where they were transported to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Beaumont. The pair was husband and wife.

    According to witnesses and the female, both were riding individual jet skis when they collided on the lake. The male was unconscious; the female went to his aid holding his head above water until help from shore was able to reach the couple.

    The male was pronounced deceased on arrival at St. Elizabeth Hospital. The female was treated and released.

    Investigators from the Sheriff’s Office were called to the scene. At this point there appears to be no foul play, but most likely an accident.

    The investigation into the matter continues.

    Check out these great
    CBS links!

    Copyright ©2004 Freedom Broadcasting of Texas

    P.O. Box 7128

    Beaumont, TX 77726-7128

    What is really strange is that he had this stand-up for sale about a month ago. Jetskr and I both had talked to him about it. Wish one of us would have gotten it. The place this happened @ is the small lake right on the side of I-10 between Beaumont and Vidor. The place may be 100 acres. Not much room for a bunch of skis and boats. It's a place called Boomtown water park. No one is exactly sure of all the details, but regardless, we need to play it safe. I can't tell you how many times my wife rides her GPR and I ride my superjet, and we try and spray one another. Not any more. I have 4 kids. Please be careful out there guys. Sad situation, really sad.

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    OMG....that is so sad......

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    Very sad indeed.I have been riding with a helmet on my triple and it takes some getting used too.In my mind,i was thinking that going 81+ was a danger when really just sitting in the water with the engine off is just as bad.Getting hit by another ski and not seeing it coming.
    Our prayers go out to Riley and his family and friends.

    Ive even thought about wearing my chest protector over my vest,not sure if it would tear off.

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    Damn.................just when you think "you" have had a bad day...........then read something like this.

    Awful....and the 3 kids & wife left behind is enough to make you re-evaluate the most important things in life.

    My thoughts will be with the loved ones left behind. Be careful guys.

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    same thing happened to me a few years ago t-boned my friend that was ridding my sxi with my ultra we where only going about 15 miles per hour and i was following him into the beach and he decided to make a hard right turn and I hit him pretty hard luckily he was quick and was able to dive away from my ski. This stuff happens so fast that I never even had a chance to react! my heart goes out to his family and wish them the best.

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    I drive by that place a couple of times a month when picking up my son up in Orange. It is a small lake to have a lot of boats. This kinda thing makes you think, and scares the krap out of me. Prayers and condolences to his family.

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    Very sad.

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